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Devyn's Story

"in 2010, I weighed 340 pounds. I had just graduated high school, and was attending a local cosmetology college because it was something that would pay reasonably well while I decided my ultimate major. I collapsed - on the restroom floor, no less - and no one could find me for about 30 minutes. I was sent home and told not to return until I had seen a doctor. 

My family MD performed a few tests on me, and came back with frightening news. Not only was I morbidly obese (which I knew), but I was pre-diabetic and had a nearly-nonexistent thyroid hormone reading in my blood. I also had hypertension. I was told that if i continued on this path, I would be fully diabetic within a year or two, and would have a heart-attack within 20-30 years. Being barely 18 and hearing this was nothing short of appalling. I decided that same day to change my life. 

I have created over 9 years, through trial and error (and my own lifestyle changes), a comprehensive and personal set of meal plans and exercise regimens. I have fallen hopelessly enamored with the entire world of biological clinical science as well as with dietetics. My life's work surrounds helping others learn the secrets of eating right for their specific body type and their genetic makeup through extensive nutrigenomic research. My primary locus of study is Diabetes and Obesity. but I also extensively study the entire metabolic pathway by which food affects every millimeter of our bodies. Other areas of expertise include cardiac health, anticarcinogenic diets, meal plans for kidney/pancreatic optimization, genetically-customized meal plans, and psychological nutrition therapy for eating disorders. 


My main goal in life is to help people find the strength and tools to change their lives. I will go to all lengths possible to help my patient - no matter if what they need is a confidence boost, advice on what foods and exercise they personally need, or just a drill-sergeant to make sure they make it to the gym. I am here."

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